Albarracín. The town is named for the Hawwara Berber dynasty of the Banu Razin which was their capital from the early eleventh century until it was taken by the Almoravids in 1104. Its long history continues as an independent lordship known as the Sinyoría d'Albarrazín until 1300 when the city and its lands were officially

incorporated into the Kingdom of Aragon. Today Albarracín is the capital of the mountainous Sierra de Albarracín Comarca. Albarracín is surrounded by stony hills and the town was declared a Monumento Nacional in 1961. The town is located in a meander of the Guadalaviar River. The Sierra de Albarracín mountain range rises to the South and West of the town. Spaniards just voted the small town of Albarracín, in the hills of Aragon, their country’s most beautiful village in a recent survey in the newspaper El País.

Calle Catedral 4, Albarracín, 44126, Ισπανία
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