245 / San Pedro de Atacama to El Tatio

Road to the Tatio Geysers is called B-245. It’s gravel, rough, steep and narrow. Suuitable motorbike or 4x4 recommended. Pay extra attention under severe weather conditions. Due to high altitude, 4.320m, avalanches, heavy snowfalls and landslides may occur anytime as well as ice forming on the road. Visitors have fallen into

thin crust of underlying pools of scalding water and suffered severe burns. Very very cold at sunbreak but often extremely warm later during the day. Best time to observe the geysers is very early in the mornig around 06:00. Recommended to take thick clothes, bath suit, towel, sun protector and mineral water. Awesome spectacle.

B-245 , Machuca, Χιλή
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