105 / Cotahuasi Canyon

Cotahuasi Canyon near the city of Arequipa in Peru is one of the deepest canyons in the world. The canyon is an impressive chasm that the river has eroded between two enormous mountain massifs: the Coropuna (6,425m or 21,079 ft) and the Solimana (6,093m or 19,990ft). Road 105 to the canyon requires skill and experience since

it is gravel, rocky, with lots of hairpin curves and dangerous dropoffs. Better be prepared to cope with these remote areas by carrying essentials like dry food or nutritional bars, water. You may start from Arequipa, are buses leaving town or by Panamerican Highway. Starting from Arequipa you reach first Aplao, then Chuquibamba and you reach Cotahuasi village. altitude 2.684m, after 380km on main road no.105. Village is quite attractive and traditional. On your way road takes you high at 4.500m as you reach the tops of Solimana and Coropuna. Region is regarded as adventure travel destination. Despite the high heights climate is not that cold.

, Cotahuasi, Περού
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