Cordova Pass, elevation 11,260 feet (3,430 meters). Cordova Pass lies just outside the Spanish Peaks Wilderness, a designated National Wilderness Area in the San Isabel National Forest. Cordova Pass is reached via the Apishapa Road, a leg of the Scenic Highway of Legends (a designated Colorado and National Forest

Service scenic byway). As the National Forest Service does not usually plow the snow, Cordova Pass is normally not accessible from mid-November to late May. Most of the time, the pass may be traversed by passenger vehicles. The pass was formerly known prior to 1934 as Apishapa Pass. It was dedicated on June 23, 1935, and named after Jose De Jesus Cordova (1856-1929) who was a man well known in this part of Colorado. There are vault toilets, several picnic tables and a couple of primitive campsites in the summit area. This is a "Fee Area".

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