Cirque de Mourèze is a spectacular dolomitic limestone outcrop closely located to the town of Mourèze in the department of Herault. These dolomitic erosions have formed a landscape of extraordinary shapes. The rocks are named the Sphynx , the Guardian , Oracle , Bear and Berger, the Blast Furnaces, Cerberus, theTower of the Watcher , the Tower of the Breach , the Tower of Coop , etc. . Cirque de Mourèze , was once home of prehistoric man and welcomed the collies and shepherds . Today , the lack of vegetation covers most of the the site, it is mostly frequented by walkers who come to get lost in the maze of these naturally shaped rocks. An orientation table was installed on the lookout, where there is a wide panorama of the Cirque. The archaeological section also houses the scientific reconstruction of a Gallic hut of the time 350 BC . and a small museum with exposure remains found on the site.

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