Pastoruri glacier is a cirque glacier. It is one of the few glaciers left in the tropical areas of South America. It is around 8sq.klm (3.1sq.mi) in size, and around 4klm (2.5mi) long with a terrestrial snout ending. The glacier is currently retreating quickly. It has lost 22% of its size and 15.5% of its ice mass in the last 30–35 years. The glacier

occupies an Andean peak around 5,250m (17,200ft) above sea level, and so has steep, cliff like edges, with heavily crevassed areas characteristic of a cirque glacier. The area and the glacier is usually covered in soft snow and is a popular area with tourists, snowboarders and ice climbers. Road to the glacier, within Huascaran National Park, is gravel and pretty steep. Weather can become extremely challenging, be prepared. There is parking and a restaurant at the end of the road. It was a popular tourist destination in the past, but now climate change has caused substantial melting.

Carretera a Pastoruri , 02410, Περού
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