Midas Monument

Midas Monument. The most prominent part of the Midas Monument is a high rock-cut facade with an incised decoration apparently showing a pedimented temple front with acroteria, faced with terra cotta and with a niche at the bottom center. The niche's walls bear graffiti reading Matar (Mother, i.e. the goddess Cybele) and it

probably held a statue of Cybele. The monument carries a dedication in Old Phrygian by Ates son of Arkias to Midas (ΜΙΔΑΙ ϜΑΝΑΚΤΕΙ), and probably dates from the 7th or 6th century BCE. The inscription mentions Midas in the dative with titles: "Midai lavagtaei vanaktei", probably meaning "leader of the people" and "ruler". The inscription is: Ates.... Midai lavagtaei vanaktei edaes "Ates.... has dedicated [this monument) to Midas, lavagtas and vanax".

Yazılı Köyü İç Yolu , 26710, Τουρκία
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