Santa Bárbara Fortress

The Fortress of Santa Bárbara, also known as El Castillo, is located in the city of Trujillo. The fortress is the oldest European building built for military purposes. This fort is declared a National Historic Monument and Heritage of the Republic of Honduras. Genoese
navigator Christopher Columbus landed in 1502 and Don Hernán Cortés later on, when he visited the Honduran coasts, ordered the foundation of a base on that site to defend it. In 1550, it is known that the Spanish built with indigenous labor a defensive post for the coasts and the port. The fortress has fourteen cannons brought from Spain and was in service for three hundred years. The fortress of Santa Bárbara is built on a hill in Trujillo, from which the port, the bay and the Caribbean Sea can be perfectly seen
, Trujillo, Ονδούρα
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