San Cristóbal fortress

The San Cristóbal fortress is located in the city of Gracias built on a small hill above the city, which was formerly the center of the town of Gracias Lempira, which was once the capital of New Spain and headquarters of the Real Audiencia de los Confines in 1544; Gracias
was a strategic city within the Province of Honduras in the colonial era, then in the pro-independence era and then in the Central American federal transition. The first building of Spanish origin was built in the seventeenth century, on the hill "San Cristóbal", and of which two cannons with the emblem of Carlos IV of Spain are preserved. The 19th century monument is open to the national and foreign public and in this rests the tomb of the president of Honduras, Juan Nepomuceno Fernández Lindo y Zelaya and whose commemorative plaque contains the following legend: "You can be a hated ruler of your time But if you want the vote of future generations to favor you, Open schools! Juan Lindo".
, Γκράσιας, Ονδούρα
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