Refugio Tejos / at 5,800m is regarded as the highest mountain hut in the world, track is extreme, is on the route to Ojos del Salado. 

Parinacota / small town at an elevation of 4.400m / region is famous for its breathtaking scenery, peaks ( Pomerape and Sajama ), hot springs, high altitude lakes ( Chungará and the Cotacotani Lagoons ), wetlands surrounded by unique and diverse flora and fauna, close to Lauca National Park

Volcan Aucanquilcha / massive stratovolcano at 6.176m, old mine road used to run to the top but now much of it above 5,500m has been wiped out by landslides, at 5.334m there is a village (world's highest permanent settlement) under same name. This is an extremely tough road to try and climb up on a bike

Llano Chajnantor / high mountain plateau at 5.042m in the Atacama desert, unique and unusual place on a lunar landscape. Of the highest roads in the country.

Cerro Cachi Laguna / high mountain peak at 5.491m, complex network of poorly defined roads makes route-finding very difficult even following a GPS tracklog

Cordón de Inacaliri / volcano at 5.395m, mining road. Of the highest roads in the country.

Antenas de Entel / high mountain communication tower at an elevation of 4.937m

Lago Laramcota is a very high mountain lake at an elevation of 4.851m (15,915ft). The road to the lake, is gravel, rocky, tippy and bumpy at times. It is as well one of the highest mountain roads of the country. The road is impassable in winters. Great trail for experienced wheelers. Avoid driving in this area if

La Cumbre Apacheta / high mountain pass at 4.871m

Cerro Cañapa / high mountain peak at 5.629m. Only 4x4 vehicles with high clearance. Cerro Cañapa is an elongated mountain in Bolivia close to the border with Chile. Note that the international border in this area is a straight line that runs from Cerro Araral to Ollagüe, leaving Cerro Cañapa completely in Bolivian territory. The