Volcán Acotango / volcano at 6.052m, trail climbs up at 5.509m, the unrideable track continues a bit higher, but it’s not driveable, the mine road to Volcán Acotango is accessed from the Chachacomani – Tambo Quemado. 

Volcán Ollagüe / stratovolcano in the Andes at 5.868m, road ends at 5.705m. One of the highest roads in the country. Hydrothermal alteration has formed sulfur deposits on the volcano, which is the site of several sulfur mines. Later glaciations have formed moraines on the volcano.

Cerro Chacaltaya / high mountain pass at 5.260m, 22km from La Paz

Paso Chungara–Tambo Quemado / high mountain pass at 4.687m, principal Chile-Bolivia that connects La Paz with its nearest seaport Arica,  heavily used by trucks, usually open all year. Of the highest roads in the country.

Paso del Condor / high mountain pass at 4.730m, from Laguna Blanca To Termas de Polques

Abra Puca Loma / high mountain pass at 4.804m

Sairécabur Receiver Lab Telescope / at 5.525m, starts in San Pedro de Atacama at 2.400m and climbs for 60km till a sulfur mine at 5.300m, telescope is at 5.500m, above this point most people will face great difficulty

Abra Laguna Morijon / high mountain pass at 4.901m

Cerro Uturuncu / stratovolcano at 6.008m, of the highest motorable road passes of the world, the biggest problem is the extremely low oxygen for engine combustion.

Abra del Zenta /  high mountain pass at 4.595m, starts from the Ruta Provincial 73