17 / Tihuţa Pass or Pasul Tihuţa / from Bistriţa (Transylvania) To Vatra Dornei (Bukovina, Moldavia), Hotel "Castel Dracula"on summit

7 C  / Pasul Bâlea / high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.042m, closed between late October and late June

67 C / Urdele pass or Pasul Urdele / mountain pass at 2.145m

67 C / Transalpina Road / 180km, from Sebes To Novaci 

Mamisoni Pass or Mamison Pass / at 2.836m, from Kutaisi (Georgia) To Alagir (North Ossetia, Russian Federation)

Klukhorskii Pass or Klukhori Pass / The road provides motor vehicle transportation with a break between Teberda and Azhar

Latpari pass / at 2.834m, it is passable by late May to June

Abano Pass / mountain pass at 2.850m, road to reach the pass starts in Pshaveli and ends in Omalo, it's 84,5km long but expect about 12 hours to cross

Lake Bogovina / mountain lake at an elevation of 1.945m


Piribeg / mountain peak at an elevation of 2.342m