Route from Xalatlaco to San Miguel Ajusco is entirely within the Parque Nacional Cumbres del Ajusco. This route is totally paved and stands at 3.620m (11,880ft). The road can be busy in weekends and holidays due to its proximity to Mexico City. This road is usually closed in winter time. It is of the most scenic and highest routes in Mexico.
Rayones To La Almendrilla. This road is still under construction.The first paved section goes to Casillas, the second section is dirt and under construction. Great views of Pilon river (or Casillas river) turquoise waters, flora, canyon walls and huge mountains views of
Highway 16 from Chihuahua to Hermosillo is one of the most scenic road in northern Mexico because it has beautiful pine forest and desert sceneries. This road can be dangerous due its long distance between major towns, little traffic, and prone to bad weather conditions as
175 / Oaxaca To San Pedro Pochulta. A very long, curvy and scenic narrow road in Oaxaca region. Requiring over 6 hours of constant movement with curves everywhere, small towns with speed bumps and scenic views of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Unfortunately
15 / Morelia To Hidalgo. This route ia also known as Mil Cumbres or One Thousand Hills in Spanish. This scenic road borders the high mountains of Michoacán state and the lower grounds of Tierra Caliente, where usually along the route there are extensive views to
131 / Nochistlan To Tlachichila To Jalpa. A mountainous scenic route in Zacatecas state, departing from Nochistlán at 1870 m. The drive goes up to Tlachichila town, by some hairpinned curves at 2220 masl. The most scenic part of this asphalted road it’s from Tlachichila to Jalpa, in a scenic descent with incredible views of Juchipila river and Jalpa city, located at 1380 masl.
Cayoosh Pass. Elevation of 1.291m (4,235ft). Within Coastal Mountains in the Lillooet Ranges. Road is called Duffey Lake Road (Highway 99). It is a steep drive, hitting a 10-15% grade through some of the ramps. The drive features steep hills, sharp hairpins and
Road AB-532 E
Range Road 51A. This mountainous road links the asphalted AB-40 and the gravel AB-532 E.
Farwell Canyon Road is a very scenic 117km long drive but narrow dusty road with stunning views. At an altitude of 1590m this road features a few steep sections. The road is totally unpaved. Be aware of the many working logging trucks in the area. It is drivable using